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The apparition site of Sievernich

The Mother of God, various saints, Pope Pius XII and the archangel Gabriel appeared in Sievernich between June 2000 and October 2005 to an ordinary mother called Manuela. On 3 October 2005 Our Lady appeared for the last time. However, she promised always to be present in Sievernich.

The messages: Manuela received messages from the Blessed Mother, from saints and now and then from Jesus himself. These messages, though varied, never transcend the truths that have always constituted the teachings of the Roman Catholic church. Here are a few of the main points which they contain: Our Lady calls us to repent, to make sacrifices and to do penance.

We are reminded to have frequent recourse to the sacrament of penance and to receive Our Lord worthily in the Eucharist, ie not in a state of grave sin. We should have a burning love for God and not forget our neighbour. It is of particular concern to the Blessed Mother that the respect and honour due to her divine Son should be given to Him. She thus wants us frequently to adore Him in fervent prayer.

Indeed, we are to pray unceasingly. She further wishes us to remain small and humble in all that we do. Her sons, the priests, are called to turn back to Her divine Son and to follow Him. Prophecies also feature in these messages.

Direction from the Church: The local bishop has provided Manuela with a spiritual director.

Saint Teresa of Avila, the great Spanish mystic and doctor of the Church, gives advice to Manuela as well as prayers of unusually profound content. Those who are well acquainted with the saint’s writings will clearly recognise her style and temperament in these texts of revelation.

Eucharistic signs: During exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at the prayer meetings on 8 November 2004, 5 December 2005, 2 January 2006 and 6 February 2006 – the last being the month of this booklet going to print – many of those present at the adoration in Sievernich perceived in the Sacred Host a shadowy image of the Christchild.

On removal of the Host from the Monstrance by the priest, the Christchild also disappeared.

The three keys: On 7 October 2002 Our Lady said to Manuela: “…My little prayer bead, I herewith hand over to you the keys of my beloved divine Son Jesus Christ.

Remain silent about this, remain silent! The keys will serve you as a weapon against all darkness. You now know what will happen… Only your Holy Father in Rome, my beloved Shepherd, will receive these keys from me. Please remain silent, you will not be believed, yet everything will come to pass in this way.” These secrets were handed over to the Holy Father on 11 February 2004.

The demands of heaven for Sievernich

The Blessed Mother desires the construction of an Immaculata well in Sievernich to allay sufferings. The most urgent desire of heaven, however, is the establishment in Sievernich of a spiritual centre. Jesus Himself declared on 19 May 2003: “This place is set aside for Me and My mother. I want people to construct a centre here, which will serve the Church, My Body, and thus Me.

Serve the Father in heaven, Me, the Son and His mother faithfully and honestly. There, all I have taught you and everything the Church says shall be adhered to. ….that which is willed by Me, comes to pass; I triumph!” On 2 June 2003 the Blessed Mother said: “I desire the construction of a faith centre in this place. This is my wish and the wish of my Son Jesus. Satan will make his anger known. I am with you all.”