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Sievernich, 9 May 2005

As I prayed silently before the tabernacle in the parish church of Sievernich , a bright light emerged from the tabernacle and turned into a sun. In this sun appeared the Holy Face of Jesus, resembling that of the Turin Shroud, only this was more radiant and wonderful. Jesus spoke:

„I am the Lord, your God. I am with you. What is lacking in you, I give to you. I am Love itself, and only love is able to silence all evil. I am your Saviour, trust in me.

„I wish to immerse you all in my Sacred Heart, so that you may be cleansed from all sin by my Precious Blood. Offer up to me this Precious Blood, in particular for my disciples, the priests.

„My love is victorious! Amen.”

Jesus said the following words in private:

„He who has consecrated himself to my Sacred Heart and placed himself into it completely, will not be abandoned by me!”

16. 05. 2005, Monday after Pentecost

I heard the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila :

„Should people ask your advice, my friend, regarding their own supernatural experience of God, listen to them and do not allow yourself to be troubled. The true Spirit of God blows and in doing so, He breathes humility and genuine servitude into a soul.

The recipient of true gifts of God will tend to adopt the correct approach and turn to the church, to a spiritual director and confessor. Should this not be the case, then advise them to do this. Without spiritual support their soul will err, for God's gifts need to be interpreted by the church; a considerable amount of experience is required to distinguish between that which comes from God and that which comes from the other side.

If there is resistance in submitting to the judgement of the church, no credence should be given at all. For whence would come the necessary humility and respect for God? Would the Holy Spirit not have needed to inspire the soul with these virtues?

Therefore, if such a person speaks to you of their gifts, I suggest you swiftly recommend that they entrust everything to a spiritual director. Just as you subject yourself to the judgement of the church, so God would want this person to do likewise and not to proclaim his gifts until the church has carried out a thorough examination. Should the soul refuse, then it is full of pride and must remain silent.

This rule is God's will as it is a sound one. Theology and knowledge of God go hand in hand.“

Sievernich, 06. 06. 2005 (5.22 pm approx)

Our Lady stepped out of the wonderful bright oval light as the Immaculate One. She was dressed all in white with a golden crown on her head. In her prayerfully folded hands she held a rosary made of blue roses, at the end of which was a golden cross. She was barefoot and a red rose lay at her feet. She had a big smile and blessed us all: „In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.“ She glided closer to us and golden rays, emanating from the circle of light which surrounded her, came down on us all. These rays reached as far as the church door. She said:

„Dear children, I greet and bless you in the name of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ! Pray, pray, pray! Children, do you know why so many saints accompany you and why they have appeared in Sievernich? Saint Josaphat, Saint Sister Faustina, Saint Charbel, Mirjam of Abellin, Father Alef?“.....(She listed Saints and people of religious significance who had appeared in Sievernich).

„They are praying for unity of the church in the truth. THERE CAN ONLY BE UNITY IN THE TRUTH.

I have come to you from heaven in order to bless and strengthen you so that you may follow my Son.“

I then presented my concerns to her saying: „Dear Mother of God, you and your Son Jesus have instructed me to create a spiritual centre for adoration in Sievernich. Yet I cannot carry out this task as I do not have the necessary approval of the priests. What can I do? I beg you to help me.“

She replied:

„My child, pray and do everything I tell you. Those who do not listen to my word will be held to account before my Son. Love and pray!

Forgive each other! See what my Son Jesus has done for you. Seek refuge in His most Sacred Heart. Endure great changes, be strong in my Son. Love, endure, forgive and be merciful!“

She glided out of the church in order to bless those waiting outside. After a few minutes she returned, gave a blessing and received all petitions into her open heart. I was a little afraid that today might have been her last apparition in Sievernich. She assured me that this was not in fact her last apparition. She blessed us once more before parting, said the 'Glory be to the Father....' and vanished into the light.

Friday, 17 June 2005, 3.00 pm

I heard the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila :

„Those who are close to the Lord and delight in His love, will receive sufferings from Him – not simply for the sake of suffering. Mere suffering would be pointless. It would not be desirable for man.

Instead they unite themselves with the Crucified One, and because of His suffering, they will suffer with Him. They suffer for those who live far from Him, in sin. They suffer so that these lukewarm people who are distanced from God, as well as those who despite being consecrated religious, constantly offend the Lord, might be saved. The Risen One will give them salvation: salvation to the suffering because of His love and to sinners because of His mercy.

You are my Shepherd, Lord Jesus,
At a time when your sheep are often abandoned.

You say to us: hold fast to me,
For I come to you as Eucharistic Saviour!
Live these times with me!

You, my sheep, must form a herd,
So that the heretics do not scatter you.
I want to take care of you and I see each one of you.

Come to me,
I await you in the sacraments of my church.
There I am all-present for you.

Sense and experience My love!

Lord Jesus, divine Majesty,
I want to do this and to be with You.

Whenever I visit You in Your church,
'You strengthen me in life.
You shine and light up for me my everyday.

Through adoration You give us spiritual fruits,
the branches of Your vine, our pastors.
Send them to us, Lord!
Gladly will we do You this favour
and pray for them,
so that Your herd may be led by shepherds
who live in Your love.“

Sievernich, 4 July 2005, 5.24 pm

I felt a sensation of great heat; then I saw a bright white oval-shaped light. Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God stepped out of this light. She was clothed all in white and was wearing a gold crown on her head. In her hands she held a rosary made of blue roses. The scapular of Mount Carmel was draped over her arm. She was floating on a cloud. At her feet lay a golden rose. She smiled and came closer to us.

Her first message was private.

She then said:

„Dear children, I greet you and bless you in the Name of my beloved Son Jesus Christ. Place your concerns into my Immaculate Heart. My Son Jesus loves you and He is merciful. I want to ease the pain of those who suffer just as my divine Son permits me to do.“

At this point follows an instruction given by Our Lady.

„I desire that all nations visit me in this place. Not for my honour but that of my Son who must be worshipped here!“

Rays of light descended on us from her.

I presented my concerns to her. She said to me:

„If my Son Jesus does not give you suffering, how do you hope to come to me to heaven?”

She glided outside the church, blessed the praying crowd, returned and blessed us all as well as the rosaries „in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Slowly she disappeared into the light.

16 July 2005 - On the subject of weakness

I heard the voice of saint Teresa of Avila:

„If you pronounce yourself master over sin, you will fall straight into its trap. Do not toy with temptation; instead you should avoid it, for it can bind you so quickly. If, however, you recognise in your weakness the Lord's magnitude, He will strengthen you unceasingly. He, the Sublime One, knows that you suffer from the consequences of Original Sin and thus will fall anew each day. Therefore He will lift you up again and again, ... He who is unending Love!

”He who truly recognises his own weakness lives in the Lord for he abandons himself to Him completely. If you call yourself weak, do not take yourself too seriously and if you live in Him, then He will bestow on you gifts and strength beyond measure.“

Then she revealed to me a prayer which she recommended for private devotion:

I am weak.

Strengthen me,
for without You
I fall.

I fall
it seems to me,
into despair.

I call repeatedly,
and trusting.

I fall
into Your hands
and feel safe.

Your hear
my call,
You love Your child.“

Sievernich, 1 August 2005, 5.24pm (approx)

I felt a sensation of great heat and I saw to the left of the altar, from my perspective, a wonderful bright, oval-shaped light. Our Lady, the Immaculate One, emerged from this light. Clothed all in white, she wore a golden crown on her head. In her hands she held a rosary made of white roses and on her arm she wore the Mount Carmel scapular. Three roses, one white, one golden and one red, lay at her feet. She glided towards us on a cloud and smiled.

I said: „I greet you, holy Virgin Mary!“

She said:

„Prayer, Peace, Prayer!“

Dear children, I greet you in the name of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ. I have come to you from heaven - not to make you mighty. My divine Son wishes you to become loving people. People who love give thanks and ask; they do not demand. Come to my Son, Jesus. Perceive how He loves you.“

She blessed us all „in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit“ and wonderful rays emanated from her heart towards us. The holy Virgin now spread her mantel out over us and the latter reached beyond the walls of the church.

She said:

„Tell your spiritual director, that it is my wish to have a well constructed, an ‘Immaculata-well!’ ”

Next followed a personal message.

Then she glided through the church out towards the people all of whom she blessed.

She said:

„Today I have come to you in order to alleviate your suffering. Place all your worries into my Immaculate heart.“

She blessed us once more „in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” I thanked her wholeheartedly, upon which she slowly disappeared into the light.

27 August 2005 - Love overcomes sin in the world

I heard the voice of saint Teresa of Avila :

„God is eternal order. Everything in Him is well ordered. His order lasts eternally and I will summarise it for you in one word: Love! The Lord Himself is Perfect Love. All that deviates from this order and is thus disordered, is called sin. Sin is therefore a ‘distancing of oneself’ from the Lord, namely from Love itself. The whole of creation is subject to His order ... and so the world, which lives far removed from Him and does not recognise Him, will only be able to be healed, sanctified through His Love.

„How is His Sublime Majesty to achieve this? By sending His light, His own people into the world, who proclaim His Word and with a burning love carry out that which the Lord asked of them. It is not sufficient merely to have a burning heart. To overcome human respect and to do that which the Lord commands, therein lies the fulfillment of His Word. You ask, doubting, whether these people might not be consumed in the world...?

„God’s Love burns, it does not consume. The Lord’s light desires to be borne in the shelter of your heart. This flame wishes to be fanned by stillness and prayer. Consider this: it is the precious Light of the Lord, the flame of His Love, which He wants to kindle in you and in your neighbour.”

She taught me the following prayer:

in the darkness
of my heart,
kindle Your Light.

Your Light:
fanned in stillness,
flaming in prayer,
igniting my neighbour,
gives warmth and shelter.

My God,
all in all
and all in one,
all is one,
is Love.”

Sievernich, 05. 09. 2005 (5.24 pm approx)

I had the sensation of great heat. After a while, I saw the wonderful bright oval-shaped light to my left near the altar. Our Lady, the Immaculate One, emerged from this light. She was wearing a golden crown and was clothed all in white. In her hands she held a long rosary made of white roses. The cross on this rosary had a three-leaf shape at each end. The lower end of the cross touched the globe on which Our Lady was standing barefoot. The scapular of Mount Carmel was draped across her left arm. She had a kind though serious expression on her face as she approached us.

I said to her: „I greet you, holy Virgin Mary. Thank you for coming to us today.” She replied:

„Dear children, pray, pray, pray! I have chosen and blessed this place. It is the will of my Son Jesus Christ. Love my Son and be grateful. Many things will take place on earth, but I have gathered you beneath my protective mantle. Pray and never slacken! My child, do not take notice of obstacles, rather look at my Son, Jesus. Soon the time of our ‘good-bye’ will draw near. I would like you to greet me with a blessed candle.”

She blessed us all, especially the sick, „in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” She said:

„Pray especially for those who do not love my Son. Immerse them in the Precious Blood of my Son Jesus. My beloved Son is the source of all graces. It is to Him you must give thanks!”

I was then able to touch Our Lady’s scapular. She now glided out of the church and blessed all the pilgrims. She later returned and said:

„When we next meet we shall also say ‘farewell’. I bless you, dear children and desire that you live in gratitude, peace and love with each other!

„Praised be Jesus Christ!”

Blessing us, she vanishes into the light.

Saturday, 17. 09. 05 – On the subject of the withered and the young fig tree

I heard the voice of saint Teresa of Avila:

„An overgrown fig tree stands in God’s garden. The gardener tends it, for the soil in which it is rooted is good, and he waits for harvest time. When it arrives, he sees that the tree has produced only withered fruits. Because of this and the negligible amount of life left in the tree, the gardener chops it down and tears its roots out of the ground. He then tills the good soil, plants a young fig tree, blesses it and allows it to grow. It grows and flourishes under his care and at harvest time it bears rich fruit.

„Consider this, my friend: the young tree cannot thrive beside the old, overgrown one. The old, useless tree with its shrivelled fruits would have taken all the soil’s goodness and the sunlight from the young tree. They cannot both survive next to each other. Yet neither will the old tree remove itself, nor the new one plant itself, nor indeed will the soil till itself v… . Many forget that this task belongs to the gardener, to the one who tends God’s garden.

„The Lord has pronounced His blessing over you and has sent His Mother to the people. Simply pray and call on Him! Look at Our Lord and not at the withered fruit of the old tree. Remember that He had tended this tree also until the time of the harvest. But that which bears no fruit He discards so as not to prevent the blessed young tree from carrying fruit in plenty.”

She prayed with me:

„Lord, be a blessing to me,
Let me grow in You.
Be my soil, my water,
My light.
I want to be Your tree,
To give You a blessed harvest of fruit.

Lord, be a blessing to me,
Protection from every storm
And from all danger.
You, Lord, are my gardener
Who plants, tends and cares for me.
I give You my life.
Take it for Your own
That I might grow in You.”

30. 09. 2005 - Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe

A man enquired about the Blue Oasis of Prayer saying:

„What can I do to walk truly along the path designated for me by the Lord and to be pleasing to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? I would also dearly love to see the Mother of God.”

Whilst I was praying for this man, St Teresa directed these words at him: „Open your heart wider than your eyes are able to see!”

Saturday, 01.10. 2005 – Placing everything into God’s hands

I heard the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila :

„From your hands let go of
Everything, placing it into the hands of God.
Fear nothing, trusting in the One
Who shelters you in His hand
And holds you in His Love.

„In Him alone place your trust,
Leaving those who pass judgment over themselves
To their talking.
Bear witness, be courageous and humble,
Letting the past turn into ripe fruit.

In seeing goodness, you grow.
Encountering pain, you mature.
Such is God’s school of life,
Embodying both love and sorrow;
Take courage in order to walk the Lord’s path.
How foolish not to take this road.

The world’s light will pass
And is but a pale glow
Against light eternal, God Himself.
Open your eyes, your ears, your heart
And consider your daily routines.
Our Lord awaits you therein,
In order to accompany you on the way to the Father.

Eternally sheltered in His hands
Which were, which are and will be.
None other will comfort you thus,
Or lift you up and hold you as the Lord.”

Sievernich, 03.10.2005 5.26 pm approx.

I felt a sensation of great heat, upon which I saw the bright oval light of Our Lady. In the middle of this light I saw something akin to thousands of tiny flickering specks of gold. Mary, the Immaculate One, stepped out of this light. She was dressed all in white and wore a gold crown on her head. In her hands she held a rosary fashioned of white roses. Draped over her arm was the scapular of Mount Carmel . Our Lady was standing barefoot on the globe. Both of her feet were on Germany . Three roses lay in a semi-circle at her feet. The middle rose was red, the one to the left was golden and the right hand one (from my perspective) was white. She smiled and glided over to me. Then she blessed us: „In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!” She said:

„Dear children, I am so happy about your prayer. How many words I have already spoken to you! How often I have visited you! It is time for the Word to be not merely uttered, but lived. I desire for each one of you to become a true witness of my Son Jesus Christ. To you I stretch out my hand. I want to lead you to my beloved Son Jesus.

„Pray for all nations, for I do not want my children to be lost. My divine Son Jesus loves you so much!”

The Blessed Virgin glided out of the church and blessed us once more. After a while she returned to us and opened her mantle beneath which we were all sheltered. Suddenly I saw at her feet another smaller light. A bearded monk wearing a pale hooded habit emerged from this light. His hands were clasped together in prayer. On opening them, he revealed a medal with a cross. In response to my question about his identity, he introduced himself as Benedict of Nursia. He prayed with us.

Then the Immaculate One invited us to pray the Magnificat with her. She began: „My soul magnifies the Lord…”

As we concluded the prayer, she said:

„My child, bless your persecutors, avoid evil, I will remain with you.

„Today I want to say good-bye to you. I shall always be with you in this place. I have said everything. Live the gospel and remember my words. My beloved Son Jesus sent me to you, that you may become living witnesses of His Love. Pray, love and do that which my Son Jesus tells you, for the Word is eternal and living. Allow it to live in your hearts. I would love to see you all again in heaven.”

Our Lady blessed us all one last time. As a result of her blessing, each of the faithful had a cross of light on their foreheads. The Immaculate One held her Mount Carmel scapular towards me that I might touch it. The Holy Virgin Mary assured me that she was receiving into her heart and taking with her all our petitions. Then she glided backwards away into the light, and smiling she disappeared, as did the monk named Benedict.